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All respondents must create a new identity in order to respond to the 2013 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets and Forest Carbon Markets surveys. Any data submitted in 2012 is retained for historical reporting but will not be visible in this platform in order to protect confidentiality. If you have already created a 2013 survey profile, you can log back into your account below:

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What is the 2012 Carbon Survey?

About the reports: This survey informs the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets and State of the Forest Carbon Markets reports. Both of these freely-available reports are benchmarks in the carbon markets and are cited throughout the year by major news outlets, private- and public-sector decision makers, and other market players and observers. Again this year, we are combining and streamlining the survey efforts for these two landmark publications to collect 2012 market data for both reports.  

Confidentiality: While names of eligible organizations will be (optionally) listed, all other information remains confidential. Company-specific data that is not currently publicly available (including prices and volumes) will only be reported at an aggregate, regional level or with permission. Individual names and contact information will not be published or given out to third parties without prior permission.

Benefits of submitting a survey response: Organizations that share 2012 volume data can choose to be listed with other offset suppliers in the back of the final report (with weblink) as well as Ecosystem Marketplace's online directory/catalog. Each forest carnon offset project developer has the opportunity for their project to be featured on the Forest Carbon Portal and Ecosystem Marketplace Carbon homepage. Project developers who submit complete responses will receive a follow-up email from the Ecosystem Marketplace team regarding their free profile.

Contact: For questions regarding the State of the Voluntary Markets and Forest Carbon Markets reports survey, contact Daphne Yin, Carbon Program Associate, at or +1-202-446-1988. To financially support either report, contact Molly Peters-Stanley, Carbon Progam Manager, at or +1-202-298-3005.