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Our data collection process for our 2013 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report has already ended, however, we are continuing to collect data for our 2013 State of the Forest Carbon Markets report and Cookstove Project Inventory, which are scheduled for release later this summer.

If you have not already done so, please create a new identity here in order to respond to the 2013 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets and Forest Carbon Markets surveys. Any data submitted in 2012 is retained for historical reporting but will not be visible in this platform in order to protect confidentiality.

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This survey informs the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets and State of the Forest Carbon Markets reports. Both of these freely-available reports are benchmarks in the carbon markets and are cited throughout the year by major news outlets, private- and public-sector decision makers, and other market players and observers. In 2011-12, both reports have seen:

  • Record response rates from offset suppliers in 61 countries
  • Record downloads from readers around the world
  • Record sponsorships and donations

In 2013, Ecosystem Marketplace aims to again offer insights into the voluntary and forest carbon marketplaces. At what stage in the project cycle are most credits sold? How long does it take to validate a REDD+ project? What trends in demand and supply are emerging from domestic marketplaces? These and other questions will be included in this year’s State of reports, and are captured in this survey. Sign up today and help us put a face to the 2012 carbon marketplace.

For questions regarding the State of the Voluntary Markets and Forest Carbon Markets reports survey, contact Daphne Yin, Carbon program associate, at dyin@ecosystemmarketplace.com or +1-202-446-1988. To financially support either report, contact Molly Peters-Stanley, Carbon Progam Manager, at mpeters-stanley@ecosystemmarketplace.com or +1-202-298-3005.

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